7 Reasons why you don’t have to become friends with someone

Sometimes you just don’t need to be friends with someone. That’s totally fine! Here are the seven reasons why you don’t have to become friends with someone.

1. No chemistry
Sometimes there’s just no chemistry between you and someone else, and that is just fine. Not everyone needs to be friends with each other!

2. You feel compelled to do things that you normally never do
Is she doing things that you think are not right? Do you feel forced to do these things because you’re friends? Well, that’s not a good sign. You should never do anything against your will.

3. You hate gossiping, but she does it
Okay, everybody talks about someone. But if you are friends with a girl who constantly talks about others to make them look stupid, then there is no reason to be friends with her.

4. You have the same friends
This is no reason to be friends with someone. Only be friends when the person is really sweet and you would like to spend time with her.

5. She only calls when she needs something
Being used is never okay in any friendship whatsoever!

6. You can’t forgive her
Are you trying to be friends with someone again, but you can only remember what she did to you? It’s time to move on.

7. She makes you feel bad about yourself
She’s not a true friend.