7 People You Will Always Avoid Eye Contact With

No matter how social you may be – there are certain times in life when you just feel like avoiding certain humans, by any means necessary. This does not make you a mean person, in fact it makes you normal like any other human. There are just times when you are not in the mood to speak to someone and rather avoid having these social interactions with.

Even worse, there is also a specific group of people who you never want to run into and converse with no matter how good of a mood you are in. The type of people you spot from a distance, and you casually put your head down walking past as if you did not notice them. If you don’t know what type of people we’re talking about. Read on about the seven people you will always avoid eye contact with.

1. Your best friend’s ex-boyfriend.
If you spot your friends ex-piece out in the distance – most likely you’ll want to avoid him. Your friend’s heart just got broken and you don’t want to make things more awkward by being social with him.

2. Your childhood friend, who you stopped speaking to after some argument… that you can’t really recall.
Conversations usually go like this: ‘’Ohh wow, it’s been such a long time! How have you been? We should definitely catch up soon’’. Which usually never happens anyway because you are both occupied by your new friends.

3. Your aunt, or any other of your second degree family members.
It’s not that you necessarily dislike seeing your aunt on the streets, it’s just more so that you don’t particularly like to see her – it’s a big difference.

I know she’s family, but there’s a time and place for everything, and that’s why we have holidays e-mail chain letters, and social media like Facebook! Having your lunch break interrupted just to answer her 15 questions revolving around why it is you’re still single is just something you’d preferably avoid.

4. A friend of your Family.
Now, “family friends” are called that way for a reason. They are friends of your familiy, not yours! Because if they were your friends, you’d probably call them friends and skip the family part.

5. The guy you’re messaging on Tinder.
You’re most likely going to want to avoid the guy you are flirting on Tinder with if you run into him on the street – most likely because you’re just using the app for laughs and never intended to meet him anyway, right?

6. The ex-boss who fired you on bad terms.
There’s nothing more awkward than bumping into this person. Most likely you dislike this person, and this person doesn’t have positive thoughts about you either. Best to avoid any social interaction and move on with your stroll down the street, otherwise things could get really awkward.

7. The guy you slept with once, regrettably.
You made that one mistake in your life, after a few drinks you somehow ended up in this guy’s appartment and one thing led to another. The next morning you wake up confused and realise the guy isn’t even attractive! Well nothing wrong with that, but you don’t want to give him the wrong idea and will do just everything to avoid this guy. Even if that means turning the other way and keep walking until he is out of your sight.