7 Panic Moments That Will Stress You Out

Those situations that almost make you cry out in panic, but will actually be fine most of the times.

1. That moment when your phone falls on the ground and you still have no idea whether the screen is cracked or not.
Please, don’t be broken. Please please please.

2. When you’re visiting your in-laws and the toilet doesn’t flush well.
Oh my god, this can not be true. Now what.

3. Or when you’re ready and there is no toilet paper.
Should I call someone? What should I do?

4. You’re lying in bed and hear all kinds of noises downstairs. A burglar! Should I call 911? He’s coming. Quick, hide under the blankets.
Hey baby, it’s your boyfriend.

5. That text message you typed to your ex, but you didn’t want to send.
You’ve accidentally send it anyway *cries*

6. The ATM in the store is taking so long to confirm.
Shit, do I have enough money on my bank account?

7. Your boyfriend wants to talk.
Is he breaking up with me? What have I done? I don’t want to lose him. Oh, you just want to talk about our plans for this weekend?