7 Moments When You Should Not Be Jealous

1. If he has a good girlfriend.
In today’s society he can swipe 1,000 girls away, so it’s difficult for most men to commit to one woman. So if he’s with you it means he seriously wants to be with you 100 percent. You’re better than all the others – including his friends. Platonic relationships do exist, so don’t be afraid of it.

2. If he liked an Instagram photo of another girl.
He knows that you can see all his activities on social media – and he’s pretty sure that it means nothing if he likes a picture of a girl who is traveling. Like everyone else on earth, he is probably just a fan of travel photos from others. So no big deal.

3. When he looks at another girl.
Your guy might be obsessed with you, but he still has eyes. And admit it, you look at other guys too! And that does not mean you want have sex with the guy right away.. So there is no reason to be jealous – you know you will always be his favorite person to watch.

4. If he has a bad relationship with his ex.
There is a reason they are no longer together. And you are also together for a reason! Yes, it’s that simple.

5. That he has a celebrity / fictional crush.
Like you have no screensaver from Zac Efron in his bare body. We all have our fantasies, but the reality is always better. Unless if he puts a picture of Emma Watson in between you two as you go to sleep, you have nothing to worry about.

6. If he wants to hang out with his friends.
You find it fun to brunch with your besties, he has beer time with his bro’s. And no, that doesn’t want to spend time with you.

7. If another woman is looking at him.
This is actually a great honour – for him and for you. You’re the girl with a man so handsome that other women are staring at him.