6 Tips to take the perfect selfie

Taking selfies is a fun way to show the world your personality. Even if someone offers to take the photo for you, you’ll refuse. Because you’re never satisfied with photos that other people take. The good thing about a selfie is that you control everything like the lightning, angle, and background etc. But sometimes taking a decent selfie is hard since you’re the person in front and “behind” the camera. Here are six tips to keep in mind while taking the perfect selfie!

1. Angle
Make sure you extend your arm as far as you can. Find the easiest way to hold your phone and click the button. Try to take the selfies on your slightly higher than your eye level and never from below, Because it will make you look weird!

2. Lightning
Good lightning makes you flattering. Try to have the light hitting your face, but avoid direct sunlight. Just be creative with the lights, in no time you will make selfies like a pro.

3. Retouching
Almost all pro’s retouch their photo’s, but keep in mind to keep it natural. Just edit the brightness, white balance and contrast of your selfie. We recommend to use the app AfterLight to retouch your photos.

4. Composition
Try to be creative with compositions, play with the background or objections. But keep in mind that the angle has to be slightly higher than your eye level. Otherwise your face will look funny.

5. Burst mode
Try to take more than one shot to get your favourite. Just do your own mini photoshoot. Everybody is doing it, so don’t worry about it!

6. Confident
A good way to become confident is to start taking silly selfies. Pull your ugliest face ever or just simply do a duck face. It will make you loosen up and be ready for the sexy ones. Just have some fun! But remember to delete the ugliest ones from your phone after your mini photoshoot. Haha!