6 Things You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair Short

Are you tired of having the same hair style over and over again? Are you too scared that you will regret it after you cut your hair short? Here are the six things you should know before you cut your hair short.

1. Ponytail / bun / braid
Are you the type of girl who likes to wear her hair in a bun, ponytail or braid? Remember that you can’t do that when you have a short haircut.

2. Curls
Some girls their hair is straight when it is long, but when it is short it will become curly. Ask yourself if you are okay with that.

3. You can’t go back
Of course hair will grow back, but if you cut your hair short, it will take a while before you reach your comfortable length again.

4. Shape of your face
Do some researching to find out if a short haircut suits your face shape. Maybe a short haircut will make you look silly.

5. Cold
You will always get cold in your neck area because of your short hair.

6. Hairdresser
A short hairstyle should be well maintained and that actually means going to the hairdresser more often!