6 Things Only Girls with thin hair understand

Hey, curly hair girls always want straighter, flatter and more manageable locks. While girls with straight hair want curls and volume. They say the grass is always greener on the other side right.

But.. Let’s be honest, straight hair is kinda “boring”. Since every woman knows that hair is one of her most important physical, and boring hair means. yes, boring lady. Science!

Here are some struggles:

No variety
The only option straight hair has is: straight. There is no miracle or techniques to give our hair any kind of lift, wave, curl or body.

Even those gels we try will weigh our hair down and make it look greasy and those curls… let’s not talk about that.

Wind… a lot of wind
When you mix straight hair with wind, the results will be an untameable bird’s nest. Somehow our straight pieces knot together. So that’s why we always have our hair in an ugly matted bun on top of our heads.

Rain, please no
Rain plasters our hair to our head and guess little strand all around our face. So actually rain makes us look like a wet rat.

Gels, waxes, hairsprays etc..
Do you remember those products promised you the perfect textured locks? They are now sitting, sad and alone, in your bathroom, because you will never touch those products again. Why? because it just didn’t work like those commercials said.

Almost everybody with straight hair usually has thin hair, which means they’ll probably lose their hair quickly. And attempts at curling or straightening will expedite this process.

Volume? No.
The most worst part about straight hair is the lack of volume. You can try a lot of tricks and flip it upside down while you blow dry it, but 5 minutes later, it will be flat again. There’s literally no point in trying to give any kind of life to straight hair.