6 Things Girls Shouldn’t Be Insecure About

Did you know that the things you are insecure about, you don’t have to be according to boys? Here are the seven things that girls shouldn’t be insecure about.

1. Fat
Boys are not looking for the perfect body. Your personality is way more important!

2. How it looks down under
Every vagina looks different. One girl has small lips while the other has bigger lips. It’s okay, boys know that. So don’t be ashamed of it.

3. Pimples
Ah, those few pimples … Boys have them too. And if they see them, they are not thinking that you’re ugly with those pimples.

4. You wear the same clothes as another girl at a party
Guys just don’t care about it, they probably don’t even notice it.

5. If your bra and underwear don’t match
Guys don’t even know what matching means. *haha*

6. How your breasts look
Whether they are big, small or not quite perfect … Guys love breasts, no matter what!