6 Things Every Girl Should Know Before Dating in College

College can also be described as a more intense version of high school. The atmosphere in school is different, the classes are harder and the dating scene… That’s just another world.

Dating in real life is completely different compared to your favourite romance movies. Some dates feel awkward and are really time-consuming. Instead, you could also be eating some pizza and watch your favourite movies at home.

Here are six things you should know before you date someone

First you have to figure out what his intentions are. Does he just want sex? Just be sure where you stand with him. If you are unsure, just ask!

Mr. nice guy
Nobody is perfect, not even the nicest guy from your college. He may just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Last minutes invites
ten pm: Hey what are you doing? Let’s watch a movie together at my place. Well, actually he’s not just inviting you over to watch movie together, like he claims. Just stay at home and suggests meeting him up at a different time. Something like lunch or dinner.

The bad boys
You know these guys. They’re the ones who don’t care about school because they probably were partying/drinking/smoking until 5am. These are often the boys who are only looking for a hookup. Reminder, they are not cool!

Stop being a detective
Are you obsessed about him? Don’t go crazy and loop every detail about him. You can end up heartbreaking because you found some pictures of his ex. Just don’t do it!

Don’t be shy just go for it
Take the time to get to know him if you’re interested. Because you will never know! He could be the bad boy, mr nice guy or that last minute invites guy.