6 Struggles When You Are Wearing A Jumpsuit

1. Toilet Visits
Taking off your jacket / blazer, and finally your jumpsuit with 36 buttons and then hope you haven’t peed in your jumpsuit yet.

2. Toilet Visits # 2
Because you just took out all your clothes, you now have to make sure that your sleeves don’t touch the nasty ground. So you have to pee uncomfortably while holding all your clothes together with one hand and trying to grab the toilet paper with your other hand. Tricky..

3. Toilet Visits # 3
Forgot to lock the door. And then someone opens the door while you’re sitting there in your bra. Awkward.

4. Finding out that you put on the jumpsuit backwards
Are the buttons supposed to be on the front site or on the back?

5. Having an itchy back
And you can not reach it without taking off the entire jumpsuit.

6. Men who think that you are wearing some kind of baby suit