6 Reasons Why You Should Watch A Scary Movie On A Date

You absolutely hate horror movies, but it is a must for a successful date! Wondering why? Here are the six reasons why you should watch a scary movie on a date

1. Discover how tough he is
While watching a scary movie, you can see how tough he really is. If your date is afraid, it’s super cute as well!

2. Good excuse to cuddle
A better excuse doesn’t exist! When you watch a scary movie, you have to cuddle.

3. You are more appealing to your date
Research has shown that when you watch a scary movie, your brain produces a substance that makes you feel love.

4. Deep conversations
A scary movie is a good reason to start a deep conversation. Ask him about his fears.

5. Show how tough you are
Suggesting to watch a scary movie is the best way to impress your crush.

6. You share an experience
When you share something scary with someone, you automatically have a bond. And the fact that you have watched this creepy movie together, unites you. Exactly what you want!