6 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be Jealous Sometimes

That one girl whose hair always looks good or that girl who your crush is always looking at. Here are the six reasons why it’s okay to be jealous sometimes.

1. Jealousy can motivate you
Maybe you’re jealous of your best friend, because of her grades at school. But that’s a good thing. Turn your negative feelings into something positive. Let your jealous feelings motivate you to do your best!

2. Jealousy and love always go together
Even in a good relationship there is jealousy. This is perfectly normal and healthy don’t worry.

3. Suppressing jealousy can affect your self-confidence
According to psychologists. Don’t suppress them just let it go even if you don’t feel comfortable with.

4. You can learn from it
To learn how to deal with your jealousy, you have to experience it first. Also your feelings might lead to a discussion about trust in your relationship, and perhaps that is needed.

5. It works as self-protection
Sometimes if you are jealous it means that somethings is not going right. In this case, jealousy can protect yourself and prevent you from getting hurt.

6. Everyone is jealous sometimes …
Everyone is jealous, some are more jealous than others, but it’s absolutely normal to be jealous sometimes!