6 Reasons Why every Girl Needs a Guy Friend

Every girls needs her girl friends for shopping advice, manicures/pedicures and especially those wine nights filled with laughter. However, there is a but…

Sometimes, you don’t feel like hanging out with your girls because it is refreshing to have a guy’s perspective on certain topics. Having a guy best friend is the same like having a brother who always looks out for you. They are the type of friends who always have your back. They are the ones who tell you corny jokes just to cheer you up after a difficult day. Here are 6 reasons why you always love your guy friend.

1. You can talk to them about everything, yes even about your PMS.

2. They’ll tell you when the guy you are talking to is no good for you.

3. You will get an honest advice, you might not get from your girlfriends who are too afraid to hurt you.

4. You can eat any fast food you want without worrying about anything.

5. They don’t mind if you are crying on their shoulders and leaving streaks of mascara on their white shirts.

6. They’ll pretend to be your boyfriend when a creep is trying to hit on you at a party.