6 reasons to never drop your girlfriends for a guy

1. There will be a time when you need your girlfriends.
A dear friend may affect your sense of happiness more than your parents or boyfriends. Once you’re single again your friends are always there for you. Boys come and go, your girlfriends are there for you during all the ups and downs in your life.

2. People often describe time with friends as “cozier” than time with their boyfriend.
That doesn’t mean you should never get married, but rather that your friends are the best to chill out with.

3. Befriended couples make your relationship better.
Remember when Kim and Kanye had a double date with Beyonce and Jay Z? Well okay, in this case it might not have helped, but researchers have found that couples who have other couples in their friends group are happier than those who don’t.

4. Friends fill the emotional emptiness in your life.
Fact: friends fill your sense of loneliness better than boyfriends.

5. Friends save your life. Literally.
A study has shown that breast cancer patients with no friends are 66 percent more likely to die than women with friends who support them through the hard times.

6. Friends help you with a new lover.
according to a study, you get to know about 40 percent of your sexual partners through your friends. Thank your friends!