6 reasons being a night owl is good

You’re the kind of person who snoozes a hundred times to get out of bed in the morning, but that doesn’t matter. The night is when you make up for that lost time. Even though there has been a lot of praise for morning persons, there seem to be some good things about being a night owl as well! Here are 6 reasons being a night owl is good.

1. You are always in the mood to go out and never disappoint your friends.

2. You never miss your favourite tv-shows. An episode of Suits, then a rerun of Friends and some Gossip Girl. Sleep? Nah, that’s boring!

3. Your home is just like a pub. Friends and family know they can always just crash at your place and have some drinks and snacks.

4. Have to work more hours? No problem, the evening hours are when you’re full of energy anyway!

5. According to science night owls might have a higher IQ.

6. Night people also appear to be more creative.