5 YouTube Beauty Gurus Worth Subscribing To

YouTube is a weird thing…used to think that’s it’s only purpose was so I could watch ‘’Kitty flushing the toilet’’ and news reports that I missed on TV. Boy, was I wrong! Turns out, there’s whole other side to it, and on this side there are tech reviews, comedy shows, vloggers, make up artists and hair stylists teaching us how to do craziest things and also simple girls, just like anyone of us, with great personalities, talking about new make up releases and skincare bits and fashion items on an everyday basis. Needless to say, that I got sucked into the whole thing and now I’m completely obsessed. So, here are 5 girls that I think are worth watching (and by the way, get your fave snack because trust me, once you start, you won’t be able to stop)!

1. Fleur De Force

This lovely british girl can do it all! Aside from making videos her main channel where she talks about beauty, fashion, does hauls and that kind of jazz, she also has a vlogging channel, a bridal channel with her sister and a cooking channel with her husband. Just wow! And I can’t even sit down and start studying for my finals…#procrastinator

2. Gigi Gorgeous

Not only does she have the funniest personality, she is also very open about everything. I mean, not anyone could go online and tell people «Hey, I’m a transgender female and I’m proud of it!». You go girl!

3. Amelia Liana

In my mind, this girl is «The Drugstore Queen» – if you wanna look fab, but can’t really get that amazing Chanel foundation or Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat that everyone’s been raving about – don’t worry. This girl’s got your back! You’ll save your pennies and still look fab. Plus, her dog is so damn cute!

4. Gabriella Lindley
She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s funny and she has the cutest accent! What more can you add to that?!?

5. Nikki Phillippi

Beauty, routine videos, fitness, healthy snacks and recipes, relationship advice (from someone who’s been married for over 4 years now), DIY’s – this cute little blonde from LA does it all!