5 Tips To let your Hair Grow Faster

Are you a girl who dreams of beautiful long hair, but you find that your hair grows so slowly? Of course there are no miracle cures, but here are the five tips to let your hair grow faster

1. Brush.
Brush your hair every morning and evening for one to two minutes. This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and as a result your hair will grow faster.

2. Massage.
When you wash your hair, massage your scalp a few minutes, just before you rinse the shampoo. This is good for the blood circulation of your scalp, which will give your hair the needed nutrients to grow.

3. Sleep.
Care for your hair while you sleep! Do not turn it into a tight bun or braid, but in a loose ponytail.

4. Eat Proteins.
If you want your hair to grow, you should eat more proteins. Proteins are found in eggs, chicken, nuts, fish and many more things.

5. Hair masks.
To let your hair grow rapidly, do a hair mask twice a month. You can make the hair masks yourself by mixing olive oil with eggs.