5 things you need to eat and drink before you go on a date

1. Nerves? Eat avocado!
This is not only packed with B vitamins which relieves stress, but avocados contain monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, which hydrates your skin to give it a nice glow. Tasty tip: mix avocado with some lime and tomato, and use it as a sauce.

2. Rumbling stomach and drunk situations? Eat salmon!
Salmon contains natural oils which causes food to leave your stomach slower, which means you don’t get hungry as fast. Salmon also controls the rate of alcohol being absorbed into your blood.

3. Smelly breath? Drink green tea!
Green tea contains antioxidants which destroys bacteria causing bad breath. Did you know eating crunchy fruits and vegetables increase your saliva production, which is the natural enemy of anaerobic, the bad breath bacteria.

4. To get in the mood? Eat dark chocolate or chili peppers!
Because chocolate contains cocoa, and cocoa is a natural aphrodisiac, a substance that, when consumed increases sexual desire. The darker the chocolate the better! And why chili peppers? It speeds up your heart rate and provides the same effect.

5. In a hurry? Drink a smoothie!
Another ten minutes for your makeup? Smoothies will stabilise your blood sugar and bring your energy level up.