5 Things That Control Who We Find Attractive

Every day from the moment you wake up you do a bunch of little things that will have an impact on whom you’re attracted to. Even the tiny things, like browsing on the internet will have influence on what you think about a man’s hotness. Here are five random things that may control who you’re attracted to.

1. Online Influences
Media is influencing and manipulating us on what we find attractive. Girls that will spend a lot of time on the internet generally find masculine men more attractive. In contrast, girls who don’t browse on the internet every single time, prefer feminine looking guys.

2. Circle of people
Keeping the same people within your proximity will make you attracted to people whom you normally wouldn’t fall for. It sounds weird but if you’re around the same guy everyday, you get used to him and actually find him kind of a hottie too.

3. Standards
Girls are scared to be alone. They don’t want to be forever alone, so girls will lower their standards of whom they find attractive. While back in the day they would have gone for the hottie one, things changes when they get older and become desperate.

4. The Pill
When girls take the pill, those hormones mess up the perspective and smelling efficiency when it comes to selecting guys. Studies show that girls are faster attracted to guys when they’re on the pill and might even find a guy unattractive once they’re off the pill. Girls are also attracted to different guys than usual when they’re ovulating.

5. Lunch
When girls are hungry their taste in guys changes. Sounds funny but big guys will be more attractive because they’re basically advertising that they know where to go to get that stomach full and happy again. And if you’re nice maybe the guy will treat you to a lunch!