5 Things Every Girl With Bangs Goes Through

When you decided to get those straight-just-above-your-eyebrows bangs, all you could think about was Taylor Swift’s sexy gazes from behind it and a new, much cooler look that came with it. I know that’s what I expected out of it. And most of the times that’s what I got. But from the moment the hairstylist (or my hair whisperer friend) did the cut here’s what I always go through and never learn my lesson, and I’m sure you do too:

1. You now have to wash your hair daily. It might be because you’re always tempted to run your fingers through it, or push it one side or the other but your bangs never look fresh by the end of the day, so you have to wash your hair daily now.

2. And style it daily. It would be too easy if washing it was all you had to do. Even though until now all you needed to do with you hair was put it up in a bun, now you will have to style your bangs too (unless you are blessed with all-the-time-perfect hair). Either dry it with a brush, put it on a roller or tame it with your flat iron, you will have to do something with it before going out the door.

3.It’s always in your eyes. It will go so fast from perfect length to in-your-eyes length that you will either have to cut it weekly or just deal with it as it is. So you will often find your self sweeping it from one side to the other, or shaking your head in that too familiar way us chicks with bangs do.

4.It never stays in place. Ok, it might have something to do with the previous point, but when you take a glance in the mirror you will almost always find it that your bangs never stay as you would expect it to do. And it’s only too often that you will find you have a center part you never wished for.

5. The growing stage. After having fun with it and concluding you must get back to a more easy to wear hairstyle, you will find that this stage isn’t as easy as you thought either. All I have to say is that I spent 6 months with my bangs pulled back and pinned safely until it reached a length good enough to work with.

So tell me, do you agree with these struggles? Do you think it’s all worth it or do you have anything else to add to the list?