5 Things Every Girl Should Carry in Her Workbag

Whether your job requires long hours of strict desk time, or hours of hopping from meeting to meeting around the city, a serious working girl always has her handbag in arm. What exactly a girl throws in her bag might switch up from time to time, but these five things are staples and should follow a working girl wherever she goes:

1. A pen and notebook
The Notes app on our phones is convenient and all, but a notebook and pen will never fail (or die, or freeze).

2. A planner

You’re scheduling appointments here, and brainstorming projects there. Having a planner on hand to keep organized is essential.

3. Mints
Pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think

4.Day and Night Lipstick
Makeup wears off throughout the day, but if it’s one thing that’s quick and easy to touch up it’s lipstick. Keep a signature color with you that can work for both day and night, or spice up for happy hour and trade the daytime nude for a bold deep lip.

5. An Earpiece

Using an earpiece not only spears our skin from coming into contact with our germ-infested phones, but it frees up our hands allowing us to multitask more efficiently.