5 reasons why your early twenties, really suck

I thought this was supposed to be the time of my life. When the world is at my grasp and when I’m truly supposed to start living. I just turned twenty-three last November, and I cant help but think there had to be more to this. Don’t get me wrong, I am living a pretty good life, but no one said your early twenties was going to feel like this. Fresh out of college ready to take on the world, and then you realize how much of the world is really out there to take on. Here are my top 5 reasons why your early twenties really, really suck.

1. When you start realizing how fast time is really moving.
Wasn’t I just 16 without a care in the world? When did the years start blinking by and how can I make them stop? As you grow older you start recognizing that time is moving and you really don’t have control of it. It’s morbid, but essential.

2. When finding the right person is a lot harder than you thought.
Remember how easy it was to just hook up with people with no strings attached. Well now we’re in the big leagues and we are starting to think long term. With so many new factors in play, such as meeting people on social media, online dating, and we can’t forget about Tinder, it’s made our chances of finding “the one” slim to none.

3. When we’re adults… but not really.
-We are in that weird spot of being adults, but still trying to grasp on to that little strand of childhood. With looking for a full-time job and student loan payments upon us, its easy to fall into the Netflix binge and hide under your covers forever.

4. When you start to outgrow people.
-Things have changed, we aren’t the same people we were freshmen year of college. The old friends we had 5 years ago aren’t in our circle anymore. Its at this stage in our life that we start seeing how we’ve outgrown our friends from youth, and although some might make it seem like its okay, it isn’t. Losing friends is never okay.

5. Lastly, when you start seeing your peers already having it together, and you are wondering “What The #$%* Am I Doing?”
-Nothing sucks more than seeing your college peers already established in their careers while you are still in the application process. It is defiantly an ego bruiser, and you can’t help but second guess yourself, your career choice, or even what you had for breakfast.

Your early twenties are hard, and I’m looking forward to being in my thirties and looking back at this.