5 Reasons why you have nightmares

Being jolted awake from a beauty sleep is very annoying, especially when you have nightmares. It can be incredibly frustrating to not know what caused the bad dreams. The things you do right before bed can affect your dreams, but it’s not the definitive answer that puts your mind at ease. Nightmares are just stupid, if you haven’t been able to tell why you keep having bad dreams, please read on!

1. Spicy Food
Food that cause indigestion like spicy foods will make you stir. Studies indicate that spicy food can elevate body temperatures and thus disrupt your beauty sleep. This is may also be the reason why some of you have nightmares when they eat too close to bedtime. Because eating close to bedtime will increases metabolism and brain activity, which can be the reason why you keep having bad dreams or nightmares.

2. Illness
Flue and other sleeping disorders can often trigger nightmares. Bad dreams and nightmares are considered normal responses in dealing with everyday experiences, but if they last in intensity and severity go see a therapist.

3. Supplements
Taking vitamin B6 supplements could be the reason why you have bad dreams.Vivid dreams are often caused by not having enough vitamin B6 in the body. The B6 is needed for the process of turning the amino acids we eat into the neurotransmitter, which affect dreaming.

4. Junk Food
Studies has indicated that the more fat food you eat during the day, the greater the chance for having bad dreams or nightmares. Snacking high-fat treats before bed triggers more brain waves, it’s really similar like eating spicy food.

5. Medicine
Antidepressants, barbiturates, and narcotics can increase nightmares for some people. For instance the SSRI class of antidepressants has been shown to make REM (random movements of the eyes in a stage of sleep) bursts more intense, but the side effect of this activity in which we dream is nightmares.