5 Reasons Why You Dislike Going Out On A Saturday Night

You know how it goes, it’s Saturday night and you’re chilling on your couch watching your favourite TV show. Suddenly you get a message from your friends asking your plans for the night because they want to go out. Your friends wants to go party hardy with you.

But… The idea of changing out of pyjamas, nah don’t think so. Going out on a Saturday with your friends can be fun. However, sometimes you don’t feel like to.
Here are five possible reasons why you don’t want to change out of pyjamas.

Drunk People
Don’t you agree, a lot of drunk people are annoying because they have lost all aspect of social awareness. It’s awkward that a drunken person is grinding on you or blabla on you.

The Internet
Don’t lie, you can’t life without internet anymore. Our generation is all about internet and watching video’s on YouTube or whatever interests you on the Internet. So going out spending hundreds of dollars you don’t always feel to. Because let’s be honest, The Internet is more fun.

Nothing to wear
It’s hard to dress to impress if you don’t know what to wear. You also don’t feel like to accommodate buying a new outfit every Saturday Night.

So, keeping your comfy sweatpants are just more comfortable than skinny jeans.

Someone you’re avoiding is going out
It’s awkward to run-in with someone you’ve been avoiding, whether it’s your ex-partner, an old best friend or your socially awkward cousin. So staying at home is the best! Trust me haha.

Someone you like is going out
O-M-G, you don’t want embarrass yourself with a potential partner by drunkenly confessing your thoughts. Just stick at texting or sending staged Snapchats.