5 Reasons Why Girls Are Shy To Approach A Guy First

Girls don’t like the thought of someone not wanting them, so every day they let the potential guy walk by, for the silliest reasons. Nowadays girls are in the age of proud feminists but they still cringe at the thought of going up that good looking guy at the bar. But why? Here are five reasons why girls are shy to approach a guy first.

1. Does he have a girlfriend?
What if he has a girlfriend and mentions her once I approach him. I don’t want to be a heartbreaker, so I will walk him by.

2. I’m not his type
He probably likes chicks who are working out all day, I mean, I mean I also do workout but… Nevermind. I’m definitely not his type.

3. My Friends
What if the guy has a bad reputation that your friends have heard about. Girls don’t want to spending their time to date with those guys. So let’s skip this hottie as well.

4. Is he waving at me?
That hottie waves while he was walking by. But nah he’s absolutely not waving at me but at someone he knows behind me. When you turn around after he’s gone, you realise no one was behind you. He might think you’re an ignorant bitch.

5. What if he says No!
Rejection is the biggest fear for a girl. No one likes rejection, guys can deal with it but girls… hello no. Maybe one day, the roles can switch.