5 lies that women tell after sex

While many girls strive to be honest, truthful, and forthright we don’t always tell the truth. That is simply the truth. We do lie sometimes, these are often the little lies, half-truths told to keep the peace. Here are the five lies that women tell after sex.

1. “This was the best sex ever!”
Yes, it was very good. But there probably was another time where it was even better. They will never admit it of course.

2. “Yes, I had an orgasm”
Although it is not wise to lie about it – the next time he will just do the same trick.

3. “Of course, everything remains the same between us’
After the first time you’ve shared a bed with someone, something will always change. Your feelings, your attitude, how you perceive each other – ALWAYS.

4. “He’s so big ‘
Actually, he is not quite big, but is just an average size.

5. “I NEVER do this’
After only one date you end up in bed with him, but you don’t want him to think you’re that easy. You want to convince him that he is really special to you.