5 In-Home Yet Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most countries all over the world. Some consider it as a trap of the imperialist system while others whom I’d like to refer to as “Romantics” (such as myself) see it just as a reason to show love and affection to their loved one. There are only a couple of days left until Valentine’s Day. If you still don’t have the right plan or the budget you need, then keep reading along! You may have the budget but want to spend it on better things anyway since everything costs almost twice the usual on special days like these. So, instead of going out to a dinner & drink on this V-Day, you can plan something awesome in the comfort of your own home with the motto of “less is more”!

1. Build a romantic, comfy & fun fort!
Didn’t we – the generation before the technology of today – just love using every single sheet, blanket, chair, couch and table we can get our hands on in the house to build our dream fort and spend hours and hours in it? Bring your childhood back! Decorate the inside with a spare matress, pillows, blankets and little pretty lights (please be careful to avoid fire hazards). Sprey a little bit of the perfume you were using when you first met. Trust me, it will bring alot of memories back! You can even place a little television in there and watch your favorite movie or play video games while eating the heart shaped pizza you’ve ordered in!

2. Have a themed night!
It’s like playing a dress up on the set of a movie! You can pick a theme such as the 80’s and decorate, dress up, eat the food that were popular back then, listen and dance to that era’s music and even watch 80’s movies like “16 Candles” or “The Breakfast Club”. If you can find one – I’d suggest you to pop in an “Atari”, believe me your Valentine will go crazy when he gets his hands on one!

3: Make art together!
Head down to the local craft store and buy a canvas, brushes and cool colored paints. Make a mix of your favorite songs. Hit play and get your hands dirty together! You may never know, there may be a genious painter in both of you! Afterwards, you can hang up your masterpiece in your living room or anywhere else you’d like and enjoy it for years!

4. Write or record the story of how you met!
Grab two pens and a couple of papers. After a romantic dinner and possibly a couple glasses of wine or champagne, start writing for one full hour. At the end of the hour, read them to eachother in candle lights and music you both love. Better yet, you can set two cam-corders or your smart phones in two seperate rooms with a cute background that might say “How I Met You” or “The Story of Us” and just tell the story. It will be great to watch together and to show your children in the future! Just like the t.v. series “How I Met Your Mother” huh?

5. Karaoke time!
Okay, I need to confess something, karaoke is probably my favorite thing to do! I’ve recently bought a karaoke microphone which can be plugged into my computer, I just search something like “Amy Winehouse – Back to Black Karaoke” on Youtube and it’s the same thing you pay to get at a karaoke bar! You can try to create a stage by placing little lights on an empty wall putting the computer on a little side table or connect it to your television. You need to buy two usb karaoke microphones and prepare a playlist of songs you both love or duet love songs – then drink and sing to eachother all night after dinner! If either one of you can play an instrument, it will be like a private little concert! To hell with it, you can even organize a double Valentine’s Day date with your best couple friends and have a fun blast all together!