5 Awkward Moments That Happen In A Fitness Class

Fitness classes are a good way to get motivated. There are so many fitness classes to choose from, Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, etc. You can’t go wrong with good company and fun music. Especially when you look and feel better after finishing the classes.

But in the gym there are some really embarrassing stuff that can happen while we’re exercising. Whether you’re a starter at your spin class or not flexible enough to do some yoga moves. Here are five embarrassing moments that you can expect to see at your next workout class.

1. Farting
Be aware what you eat before the fitness classes. Some of the exercise can really loosen things up and you may find yourself farting. Maybe it’s not loud but it can be really smelly in the middle of class.

2. Om-gasm
Have you ever sit next to a moaner in yoga Class or maybe even been that moaner? Breathing though those yoga positions are really good, but you don’t want everyone to know how you sound when it feels good right. Try to be discreet, because it may be more embarrassing than farting.

5. Solo
When you are really motivated and go to the fitness classes at your vacation resort, but you’re the only one who showed up. That awkward moment when you aren’t into up-close-and-personal fitness instruction.

3. Sweating
Sweating while working out is a really good thing. It means that you’re doing something right. But it can look pretty bad at the butt or groin area if you’re wearing white t-shirt or pants. Try to wear dark colors so the sweat stains will be a little less noticeable.

4. Naked
That moment when you walk in the locker room and you sees someone is naked. Try not to make eye-contact, keep walking and pretend you didn’t see anything.