40 things He thinks If You Don’t Text Back

What goes through his head when you don’t send a text message back? Here are the 40 things he thinks if you don’t text back.

1. * sends text message *

2. Should I grow a beard …

3. Women find that amazing.

4. But I don’t know if it fits me

5. Let’s try to have grown the beard by Christmas.

6. Oh, Don’t forget to buy a Christmas present.

7. Otherwise, I’ll get blamed the whole year.

8. I will buy something online.

9. What is actually on TV tonight?

10. I feel like having a beer on the couch while watching a movie.

11. I think she was busy with something tonight, so that’s nice.

12. So do I need to think of any excuses about why I want to do nothing today?

13. * grabs phone *

14. Should I get the new iPhone?

15. After all that fuss about “It can bend in your pocket …

16. Oh, fuck, my pocket is broken.

17. I need to go to the tailor this week.

18. Because I’m seeing my mom next week

19. Anyway, what’s on TV tonight.

20. Hmmm, these films… I’ve seen them all.

21. I really want to watch The new Avangers movie.

22. Maybe I can do that!

23. Or is it weird If I go to the movies alone?

24. But, she doesn’t like these kind of movies and she’ll be bored.

25. Hmm, I will ask her anyway.

26. Oh wait, this movie isn’t even released yet.

27. * puts phone away *

28. Let’s do a workout first

29. * Few hours later *

30. Running is really fun when the weather is nice.

31. A quick shower.

32. * long shower session *

33. Fresh and clean. It’s time to look for the iPhone plans.

34. Wow, the plans are kind of cheap at the moment.

35. Lets compare with other sites …

36. * One hour later *

37. Maybe I should get the iPhone right now.

38. Where is my phone anyway?

39. Hey, what a coincidence I hear a text message.

40. Who could that be? *LOL*