4 things you never thanked your soulmate for

One of the most important person in your life is your soulmate, to whom you should often say thank you to. She’s the only person who just gets you and somehow your appreciation for her gets lost amongst the moments of pain and laughter you share together. Weird isn’t it?

These are four of those things for which you forgot to thank your soulmate for, but actually meant to along the way.

1. For being patient when you talk about your life and problems
You never mean to, cut her off and bring the subject back to you if your soulmate finally gets the chance to say something to you. It is normal that you sometimes, get really into a story or topic and completely disregard taking a break, or even letting your buff chime in for a second.

2. For sticking by you through your most awkward stages
Have you ever looked back at old photos and thinking why the heck how anyone stayed friends with your back in the days? Yes, your soulmate have always been at your side and she didn’t mind!

3. For all the time she let you come back after you started too far away
The reason of this can be a relationship, finding yourself or other personal reasons, but your soulmate always lets you do your own thing for awhile. One thing she is sure about you is, you’ll come back eventually. Your BFF will always right there to welcome you back.

4. For always telling you how it is
Your BFF is the only honest person with you at all times. She’s the one who laughs at very bad outfit your try on, rolls her eyes every time you mention .. and calls you out on bad decisions before you follow through with them.

Her advice means a world to you and without her you would be lost in this hectic world.