4 Things Guys Need To Know About Periods

We are girls, and girls have periods. Yes it happens once a month. Guys only get deep insight about periods when they spend time with a girl and get caught up in their monthly cycles. The first response of a guy is always very unhelpful during a girls difficult times. Here are the four things all guys need to know about periods.

Can we still cuddle?
Trust us, you won’t get covered in blood. We girls know what we’re doing. Like we’ve bought all the products and stuff. We’re not gross, so stop being a wimp and lets cuddle.

Stomachaches, headaches, backaches, it’s what we always get once a month. There is nothing more conformable to a girl at that time of the month than laying in bed with a blanket, hot shower and some series to ease the pain until it goes away.

You can’t fix it
Girls just want a cuddle or a cup of tea. That’s it. We are not sick, but some words of kindness often go much further than guys think. Girls hate to be on their periods, so join them and share the chocolate. Just don’t mention “is it that time of the month?”.

As long as you’re prepared for extra cleaning up, sex is still doable. You won’t hurt a girl when they are on some period-week. Actually sex speeds the process, it makes the girl feel calm and relaxed. Don’t worry just enjoy the moment and grab some extra towels.