4 Reasons To Love Your Small Boobs

1. You get more excited in bed
Although Playboy and many porn movies would have you believe otherwise, having small breasts has big advantages in the bedroom. A study by the University of Vienna has shown that large breasts are 24 percent less sensitive than smaller ones. So what does that mean for your small breasts? They consist of less fat, making them easier to stimulate during foreplay. Hell yeah!

2. Clothing with deep neck cuts, bring it on!
Do you know how difficult it is to keep that duo in line, to ensure that they are not too revealing when you wear a deep neck top? No, you do not know. Because you do not have that problem. And you’ll never get it.

3. You have a better posture
Be happy. You have never experienced the pain that women with larger breasts have, and your posture is naturally better because your 6kilo D cups are not putting a huge load on your back!

4. You can wear almost every bra that you want
Cheap bras? Bandeaus? Nice bras with little support? The bra department has many options, almost too many! And if you do not wear a bra? That’s totally okay with your A-cup.