30 Things You Should Never Do or Say During Sex

Sometimes we all get carried away in the heat of the moment, but saying or doing the wrong thing in bed can kill the mood. Everybody is guilty of saying or doing some crazy stuff because of their love hormones. No matter how much you want to, it’s better to scratch theses phrases from your bedroom vocabulary and stop all the things listed below.

1. You want to do what?
2. My ex used to do it like this
3. Say, I love you at the wrong timing
4. Pick your nose
5. Check a text
6. Take a selfie
7. Are you done yet?
8. Am I not doing it right?
9. Fart
10. Burp
11. Baby voice talk
12. Let’s make a baby
13. You should start working out again
14. Apologise for being so bad
15. Be silent
16. Shows your mind is elsewhere
17. Pull a snack out
18. Refuse to try a new position
19. Hide your body
20. Start laughing
21. When you’re finished and just walk away
22. Point out your flaws
23. Sigh like you’re bored
24. Overreacting orgasm
25. Tell them they are doing it wrong
26. Pet your animal
27. Check the time
28. Answer a phone call
29. High five
30. While you’re on the subject and mention your mom or dad