30 Things we prefer above having a boyfriend

Most girls want one thing when the weather is freezing. A boyfriend to cuddle the whole day, sweet warm kisses and sharing the same blanket on the couch.

While the other girls want a boyfriend there’s a hefty sum who just want something completely different. Like a box of chicken wings with sweet sour sauces while watching their favorite series on Netflix.

Comment down below your favorite number!

1. You don’t have to share your last pizza slice
2. No makeup day
3. Morning breath all the way
4. Online shopping without any interruption
5. The feeling you get after you just got your eyebrows done
6. Over 1000 likes on your selfie on Instagram
7. There’s no emotional roller coaster on a daily basis
8. You don’t care if you forgot to wear deodorant
9. Your favorite movie marathons
10.Not worrying what you look like naked
11. Skip brushing your teeth because you’re too lazy
12. Spilling food on your bed and not having to clean it up
13. Not worrying about your period
14. Wearing your comfy outfit all day everyday
15. When your delivery comes today
16. You can do whatever you want, Freedom!
17. Being a fitness fanatic
18. Having a fun time while going out on a Saturday night
19. Laying in bed all day Sunday with your best friend
20. Feeling flattered because everyone tries to make eye contact with you
21. A secret mission to find a coupon code for your online order.
22. Free things
23. The feeling having money left over at the end of the month
24. When someone asks if you lost weight
25. Free WiFi
26. Rolling on your bed
27. Having a good massage
28. Free samples from your favorite beauty cosmetics
29. Perfect eyeliner wings
30. A new Hairstyle