30 Things Men Never Notice About Women On A First Date

Dates are never easy, but quite often we women are working ourselves up over nothing! Wondering what exactly the guy noticed about us during the course of the date which usually results in a state of panic.

“Omg, did I order the right drink?! Did he like my outfit? Oh no, do you think he noticed this and that..’’

You should know that men aren’t the most alert creatures on the planet, and usually don’t have a high attention for detail. So if you are one of those women who finds herself with questions and concerns after every date – Here are 30 things a man never notices on the first date:

1. You haven’t washed your hair in three days.
2. That one pimple right underneath your chin.
3. Your manicure.
4. Your new jeans.
5. A new shade of lipstick.
6. Circles under the eyes.
7. Whether or not you got your eyebrows waxed lately.
8. Your shoes don’t match the colours of your dress.
9. Your legs are not shaved.
10. The crisis that is your scuffed heels.
11. Whether your blouse is 100 percent silk or not.
12. Literally not a damn thing about the contents of your first drink.
13. The brand of your bag.
14. Whether or not you left a smudge of lipstick on your glass.
15. The dead roots in your hair.
16. Your mismatching of gold and silver accessories together.
17. Whether or not you’ve gotten a haircut in the past six months.
18. The highlights of your hair.
19. The special inclusion of “quinoa” in your dinner order.
20. How you arrived 20 minutes earlier than you pretended you did.
21. That you may or may not have eaten more of the bread basket than the guy did.
22. If your cleavage is a product of a push-up bra, or not.
23. That you took a shot or three before embarking on the date.
24. That you didn’t go to the gym this week.
25. Or last week.
26. The Cologne you’re wearing.
27. That your phone vibrated twice from tinder notifications during dinner.
28. That this is the first salad you’ve eaten in forever.
29. That you watched “Pretty Woman” the night before to brush up on restaurant etiquette.
30. And, oh yeah, that you have zero intentions of going on a second date.