3 Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Always Fail

Year after year, we set new goals and are determined to better ourselves. You’re going to lose weight, get more organized, save money and quit smoking. However, Time and time again you fail to live up to these goals. According to a research from the University of Scranton, 92% of us fail in our new year resolutions.

For the first week or two we actually live up to these goals, but then life gets in the way and you start making excuses. ‘’I don’t have time to go to the gym and it’s too cold outside. I will quit smoking once I finish this last pack of cigarettes, because I’d be a waste of money.’’

Why do so many people fail at setting their goals, and what’s the secret behind the 8% that actually succeed? Here are 3 factors that highly impact your succes rate on new years resolutions:

You’re setting too vague goals
The more specific your goal, the more likely you are to succeed. Instead of saying ‘’I want to be healthier’’, make a goal that says “Every morning I will make myself a healthy breakfast’’. Instead of saying ‘’I want to lose weight’’ change it to ‘’I will go the the gym three times a week before going to work’’. The key is to focus on the task instead of the outcome.

You’re setting too many goals
The more goals you set, the less likely you are to achieve them. It’s tempting, but also frustrating to do everything on your list. For the best result, focus on the top three goals. You can always do more later, or add a a new goal when you have achieved one of them. People tend to create huge bucketlists that will transform them into a completely new person, but in reality the average person has so many competing priorities that it’s impossible to achieve all these goals.

You’re setting unrealistic goals
There is nothing wrong with setting big goals, but it’s also important that you stay realistic and set goals that are accomplishable. If we fail these unrealistic goals over and over again, we start to believe that it’s impossible and give up on it. This is an illusion we create for ourselves. Instead set mini goals that you’re sure you can achieve and take it one step at a time.

Don’t be dissapointed if you don’t achieve your goals this year. Change doesn’t happen overnight and some don’t even happen over a year. Motivation is all a mental thing, so if you’re body says you can’t do something, you just have to tell it to shutup and that you know you can do it!