27 Signs Your Mom Is Actually Your Best Friend

Who needs music on her phone when you can call your mom? Here are the 27 signs your mom is actually your best friend.

1. If other people complain about how annoying their mother is, you roll your eyes. You do not understand. Your mom is the best.

2. You watch tv-shows you do not even like, but you’ll find it very pleasant to watch with your mother. Such as Downton Abbey.

3. You can not listen to “Mama” of the Spice Girls without laughing out loud.

4. Your mother sent you a Valentines card this year and you were not even sad about it. You thought it was just so sweet.

5. Your roles are sometimes mixed up, because if you haven’t heard anything from your mother in 24 hours, you start panicking and think she might have electrocuted herself when trying to charge her Iphone.

6. Each movie with a heartwarming mother-daughter relationship requires at least 1 XL pack of tissues. Mama Mia! is therefore a very difficult movie to watch.

7. You never have to worry about music on your phone because you spend this time on the phone with your mother instead.

8. You were literally friends since the day you were born. (Well, minus the years when you were 13-19 when you were quite mean to her, but that’s called puberty.)

9. Your friends are literally tired of sentences that start with: “Well, my mother said …”

10. You talk about boyfriends and that is totally weird. After all she has more experience than you on this subject, and you trust her that she will always have the best interest for you.

11. You think mother’s day is more fun than Christmas – because it’s a day where you can show your love for your mother.

12. You send your mother pictures of every outfit that you try in the fitting room, because you still want to hear her opinion.

13. FaceTime is not just for people who live abroad. It is also for a Sunday chat with your mom while sipping on a cup of tea.

14. She is your number 1 support, and if she was not there you would’ve failed many times.

15. You can tell her everything. All The Time.

16. You would rather take a picture of a dinner with your mother than a drunken selfie with your girlfriends.

17. If you try to explain that your mother is not an ordinary mother, because she is a super cool mom, people look at you like you’re crazy.

18. When male friends say that your mom is hot, you’re less “IEW” and more like “Hell Yeah she is!”

19. You never have to worry about your mom thinking your problems are weird, stupid or pathetic. Even the smallest problem is treated as if the Third World War has broken out and she always finds a solution.

20. Your mother is the only person who may be in the room if you’re ever giving birth to a baby.

21. And you are seriously afraid that you won’t have the same relationship with your own child in the future.

22. You’ve saved all birthday and Christmas cards that you received from your mother because you can not find it in your heart to throw them away.

23. Really, everything you mother cooks is better than eating at restaurants in your opinion.

24. You always feel more comfortable to talk to your mom about your weird rash than with your doctor because … she’s your mother.

25. Uncomfortable silences never occur. That is why holidays with your mom are the best. That, and the fact that she’s hilarious when she’s drunk.

26. You cringe at the thought of anything happening to her.

27. You feel that your life’s purpose is to show her how grateful you are that she has made you the person that you are. You know that’s an impossible task, but you will just keep trying.