26 Signs That You’re Addicted To Shopping

Every girl loves to shop, but some of you taking shopping to the next level. You know al the shops and you know exactly when the sale begins. Also you will never skip a sample sale. Are you a real shopaholic? Here are the 26 signs that you’re addicted to shopping.

1. You don’t have enough space in your wardrobe. You have purchased extra clothing racks and store your shoes under your bed.

2. An attempt to do homework always ends in an online shopping session.

3. Saving money an impossible task for you.

4. You searched for a job to pay for your shopping addiction.

5. Your mailbox is flooded with newsletters from online shops.

6. You can never go shopping without buying something.

7. The sale is something you looking forward to.

8. The package delivery guy is a frequent visitor at your home.

9. You will be the happiest person on earth after a shopping session.

10. You have a daily routine of online shops you visit to see if they have new items.

11. If you have a day off you immediately go shopping

12. You know every best shops in town.

13. You sneakily bring your new clothes upstairs, because otherwise your parents complain that you have bought something new again.

14. You decide to buy an overpriced bag that you really don’t need at all, without feeling guilty.

15. You wardrobe has items you’ve only wore three times at most.

16. Your wardrobe has items with the price tag still attached.

17. Your friends always ask to borrow your clothes or shoes, because you have so many.

18. If you have ordered something online, you can’t wait until your package is delivered.

19. You often find something in your wardrobe that you didn’t know you had.

20. Your friends always ask you if you know some shops.

21. The majority of phone apps that you have are meant for shopping.

22. If you’re angry or sad, nothing can make you happier than a good shopping session.

23. You see being addicted to shopping as a serious hobby.

24. Your friends always ask you for fashion advice, because you are always aware of the latest fashion trends.

25. OMG!  Free delivery at your favorite online shop? You should buy something right now.

26. You’re a pro at selling stuff online, because otherwise you really have too much clothes.