25 things you think when you have overslept

Should I go eat, shower or do my make-up first? Here are the 25 things you think when you have overslept.

1. What? What time is it?

2. Noooo! It’s really not half past 8!

3. Why does my * #) #% * #% – ALARM NOT WORK?

4. Oh no oh no oh no. I’m gonna be so late!

5. I have to get out of my bed NOW!

6. * Jumps out of bed like a ninja*

7. Okay: I’m going to take a shower or breakfast? Or make-up?

8. Choices …

9. Um …


11. Okay, shower it is. I’ll fix some breakfast later.

12. What should I wear?

13. OMG. Why do I have nothing to wear?

14. I already wasted 3 minutes at my closet (!) – Need to hurry!

15. Well I’ll just wear that.

16. Wow, I’ve never washed my hair in 1 minute before.

17. I’m really doing well.

18. Can I still make a quick sandwich?

19. No. No way. I need to go now!

20. I hope so I still make it on time.

21. Oh, I’m sweating so much.

22. Why did I take a shower if I’m going stink again?

23. * So exhausted * Almost … There … Almost … Help …


25. And tomorrow, I will put on at least 5 alarm clocks. For Real.