22 thoughts that you have before you go on a date

1. This is gonna be the best night of my life.

2. Why this day is going so slow ?! Only 11:00? It feels like I’ve been awake for 10 hours!!

3. Should I start preparing for the date? I can start curling my hair and do my make up. No, that’s ridiculous to do 9 hours in advance.

4.Date in about 3 hours. Now it’s not stupid to start with my make up. Every girl does this right?

5. Must. Shave. All Things.

6. Will I have my hair loose or tie it in a knot? I could go for the “I woke up like this” look.

7. Okay. Clothes everywhere. But nothing nice to wear. Why did I buy this? And this? This is literally the ugliest top that I’ve ever seen in my life.

8. I think the first pants I tried on is still the best. Or not…

9. This is not a smokey eye. This is a black eye. I look like I’ve been beaten. Again.

10. Hey, I look pretty good. I mean, I would dating myself.

11. Is it stupid that I have not sent him a text all day? What if he has forgotten about our date ?!

12. Hmm, let’s send him a quick “Tonights still going on? 🙂 “- Message.

13. Why did I have to prepare 3 hours in advance? Now I have a FULL HOUR to wait.

14. What if he’s only fun through Whatsapp and in real life the most awkward person on earth?

15. Let’s think about topics to talk about.

16. WHY am I suddenly so much stressed out?

17. Maybe I should fix my make-up a little bit. For the hundredth time.

18. Heels? No heels? How tall was he again?

19. A Lot Of Nerves.

20. How many drinks can I drink without him thinking I’m an alcoholic?

21. Breathe in, breathe out. You can do this.

22. * Ding Dong * OMG, THERE HE IS!