22 Things Girls Secretly Think Of During Sex

Yes, sex is a blessing, but sometimes you just randomly think about other stuff. Here are the 22 things girls secretly think about during sex.

1. Oh dear, why does it take so long for me to come?

2. Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming, or maybe…

3. Oh no, he’s isn’t tired yet?

4. Just do what I have explained you a million times

5. OMG, he’s breathing way too LOUD?

6. Will he faint? I don’t want him to faint!

7. Would his penis be limp if he faints?

8. LOL, focus. FOCUS!

9. Maybe I should just fake it

10. Actually a dick is nasty anyway, eh …

11. Why can’t he get an erection?

12. OMG, he definitely thinks I’m not sexy enough

13. Maybe I should moan louder …

14. Oh yes, mmmmm! That feels GOOOD.

15. Don’t stop

16. And oh please, IGNORE my orgasm face

17. Is it weird if I immediately look at my phone?

18. Okay, you can come out now …

19. Damn, I was rolling on the wet spot

20. Okay, I can check my phone now

21. Did I actually took the pill yesterday?

22. Oh, food, I need food!