22 Things Girls Say When They Are Drunk

Alcohol makes you drunk, but it also makes you sexy and confident. Here are the 22 things girls say when they are drunk.

1. I don’t get drunk, I get awesome.

2. Another one please

3. Let us take a selfie

4. This is so my song

5. OMG! You are sexy!

6. Lets dance *wink wink*

7. Hmmm … I should eat

8. I’m still a little tired


10. Shots shots shots shots! EVERYBODY!


12. You’re my best friend EVER

13. Psst, I have to say something …

14. Where is everybody?

15. Yes, texting him is a good idea

16. Damn, where’s my phone?

17. Oops, sorry!

18. It’s the last one, really I promise

19. Let me go, I can still walk

20. Fuck the police

21. Okay, I’m really drunk

22. This is the best night ever