21 Struggles every girl has when she visits a public toilet

It’s the curse of womanhood: sit to pee. Especially if you’re not at home and have to rely on a public toilet. Here are the 27 struggles that every girls has when she visits a public toilet.

1. I’ll just hold it in
I’m home in about three hours, I had no idea I could control it that long.

2. Ah fuck, I really need to …
Wait. Do I really need to?

3. Nooo, I can no longer hold it.

4. Looking for a public toilet.
We live in a decent society, so it can’t be that bad. Right?

5. Paying for a toilet!?
What a rip off.

6. Tough choices: which toilet shall I take?
I recently read a study that you should always take the first one, because everyone walks past the first toilet.

7. EW!
Omygodomygodomygod, this can not be unseen.

8. Well…
The study was probably wrong..

9. looks despairingly at the ceiling
Nope, no leakage. The wet toilet seat was caused by a person. Women are really nasty. Next!

10. Ah, this looks fine.
The door will not lock.

11. This looks like a TV show.
Behind each door is a prize. However, they are all quite disappointing.

12. WHY am I wearing a jumpsuit?
And above all: How do I make sure that thing isn’t mopping the floor?!?

13. Ooooooo let it go!
Rainbows. Daisies. Pink feathers fluttering through the air. Sheer relief.

14. I wasn’t even ready
Fuck you, automatic flushing toilet.

15. No, no.
No toilet paper. Absolute rookie mistake.

16. In that case, I’ll just shake my bum back and forth
Note to self: Everywhere you go, bring tissues.

17. Okay, I survived!
Wash hands.

18. No soap. I should have known…
There was no toilet paper. Why should there be soap?

19. Now I have to open the toilet door
But my hands are semi-clean!

20. Can I kick it open?
Wait. I’ll just stay here until someone else opens it.

21. I will never use a public toilet again.
I will never drink anything again before leaving my house.