21 Reasons Why Going Out Is Really Terrible

There will a lot of beer spilled on your new shoes. Here are the 21 reasons why going out is really terrible.

1. You’re drunk at your friends place, but once you’re in the club, you are already sober

2. If it’s your turn at the bar, someone else steals your turn

3. The bill is unfortunately a little higher than you expected …

4. You always wait until the last minute to go to the bathroom …
… And if you do go, there appears to be a huge waiting line

5. When you’ve finally got to the toilet, it’s really nasty inside

6. You have paid a dollar, but the there is no toilet paper

7. The mirror shows that you are not as good looking as you thought.

8. There is always someone who’s tells you:
“Hey, it’s not forbidden to smile!” just shut up.

9. You will hear a lot of bad opening lines

10. As the evening progresses people start to stink

11. Your best dance moves are stolen by another guest

12. You’re super happy with your new crop top, but another bitch seems to have the same one

13. You feel you’ve drank enough, but quitting is not an option …
… Because there’s already someone who brought you a new round.

14. The alcohol causes at least one friend to get a mental breakdown

15. You’re staring at the bearded photographer during the entire night
… But of course he only takes pictures of the real insiders.

16. Finding a solution for your sore feet is impossible …
… Because if you sit down for a minute, someone comes again and pulls you off the couch.

17. There is always 18 liters of beer thrown over you
And if no one else does it, you do it yourself.

18. And if you’re even more unlucky they will stand on your new shoes

19. Going home is not an option
It means that you have to say goodbye to 23 friends.

20. You also lost your wardrobe number …
… So you have to wait until the last birthday boy goes home

21. But … at the end of the evening there’s food and everything is all good