20 Things You Only Do With Your Best Friend

You can’t show everyone your true nature. But with your girlfriend you can be the true you. Stupid stuff like who can put the most fries in her mouth. You can show your most shameless behaviour and your best friend still loves you anyway. Here are the 20 things you only do with your best friend.

1. You can watch the silliest series on TV with your best friends.
2. You send her your ugliest selfies and you are confident enough that she will never show it to anyone.
3. You can fart and burp whenever you want.
4. You can talk hours with her about the text message you should send to your crush.
5. Only she knows when you’re poo-ing.
6. You ask her stupid questions like “What is the capital of Germany” and “What is 7 + 6?
7. You can buy six bags of candy and eat it together with her.
8. Only with her you do a competition to see who can put the most fries in the mouth.
9. You show her your embarrassing photos and videos when you were little.
10. You can talk with her about your family problems.
11. Only with her you can go shopping the whole day and still want to go shopping the next day.
12. You and your best friend stalk your crush on Facebook
13. Only she is allowed to tell you if you smell bad
14. Only she knows exactly who you like and dislike
15. Only with her you can gossip about the people in your class
16. Only to her you will lend out your most expensive things.
17. Only she know how you look without makeup.
18. You tell your best friend every details of your date.
19. Only with her you suddenly giggle about nothing.
20. Only with her you pee with the door open.