20 Things Why MSN Messenger Was Cool

MSN Messenger, also known as Windows Live Messenger was the most popular online chat service in the world back in 1999, and with hundreds of millions of users, it was a big part of many’s everyday lives. MSN Messenger is no more, it got shutdown on October 31st 2013. But what did we all learn from MSN? All those conversations and those things we did. Here are the 20 Things Only People who grew up with MSN Messenger will understand.

1. ωяιтιηg уσυя мѕη ѕ¢яєєη ηαмє ℓιкє тнιѕ.
2. Cam4Cam?
3. Getting your crush attention by using Nudge/Buzz
4. Signing in and out repeatedly to get attention you’re online
5. The “Sorry, that was my friend.” excuse after you sent something on purpose
6. Show of your music taste by listening cool tunes in Windows Media Player
7. “It said u were typing, what were you gonna say?” was a good question to ask
8. You hide your “top secret” conversation with lots of line breaks
9. When your crush signed in, but you’d wait 10 minutes before starting a conversation
10. “Oops wrong conversation.” to start a conversation with your crush
11. Stalking people if they go online after you switched your status to “Appear Offline.”
12. Asking your friend to check if your crush is online, because you might be blocked
13. “Gtg” was a good way to end an awkward conversation
14. Being annoyed if someone copied your name, text colour and font.
15. The awkward moment when you have to give some one that email address you created when you were 10
16. Having your entire conversations in emoticons
17. Putting “I Love You” as your MSN screen name to look mysterious
18. “Send me that song please” 4 hours later: *File transfer complete*
19. MSN Messenger learned you how to type at fast speeds
20. Using a symbol in your screen name to appear at the top of everyone’s contacts list