20 Signs You Love To Party Like An Animal

Here are the 20 signs you love to party like an animal

1. Your phone is filled with names like ‘wing-woman “and” bathroom girlfriend.
You don’t know the real names of these “friends”, but you know that they are always ready to help you if you need them (at the party).

2. Going to bed before 12 o’clock is never an option.
If you are not having a bite at 4 o’clock sitting on the ground and missing a shoe, then you are not satisfied.

3. Shots?
Did someone say shots? Yes please! The small but strong drinks are your partner in crime.

4. You are a master in beer-pong.
Nobody can beat you at this.

5. Sometimes you forget how your room looks like, because you’re sleeping on the couch at your friends place

6. You know all the party music by heart and also sing along.

7. You get an average of ten calls per week for parties.
And of course you’re going to the parties. First you’re going to drink at your friends place, go dancing at the birthday party and end up in a club.

8. You have no idea how you got all those bruises on your legs.
But you deserved it, for sure. Was it because you climbed on the bar or did you dance on stage and slipped because you were drunk?

9. The bartender knows you.
Which bartender? Exactly, and you know the bouncers of every club.

10. Your posts on Facebook don’t make sense or are unreadable. The next day you’re explaining everything to the people.

11. Your wardrobe has more club wear than work outfits.
You forgot to wash your work outfit and are forced to appear in a strapless top with sequins at the office.

12. You have a water bottle filled with vodka-cola so you can drink non stop at the club.

13. You always have alcohol on you, even though sometimes you don’t realize it.
During your workouts in the gym you accidentally brought your alcohol bottle instead of the water bottle.

14. You’ve been at McDonalds when they went from the normal menu to the morning menu. You want to eat a cheese burger but now you have to eat a croissant with jam and butter.

15. You will wake up with a hangover on Monday. You couldn’t say no to “Sunday Funday”. And of course, this turned into a Sunday-really-late-to-bed-day.

16. Your Sunday ritual is to go back to the bar to retrieve your lost cards.

17. At the end of the weekend you’ve lost your voice.

18. You know all the happy hours in your head.
You always take your friends from one bar to another. Because you can get two cocktails for the price of one.

19. “Going out on Friday and Saturday is boring. Thursday is the best day because of the real people.”

20. You’re forcing your friends to plan their vacations so they can join you at festivals.