19 Things Every Girl With A Long Distance Friendship Understands

Sending virtual hug, loading… Here are the 19 things every girl with a long distance friendship understands.

1. Texting and Skyping is your life.
And you firmly believe that this technology was invented for people like you.

2. You will always wake up with 50 new text messages.
Which consists of 20 emoticons and ‘I Misssss Youuuuuu’ messages. That you will of course send back to her back when she’s going to sleep.

3. You’ve become a pro in math.
Because you calculate all day what time it is at your friend.

4. You often end up on Skype eating cereal, while she is drunk.

5. You are always a little emotional when your favorite show is on TV.
Because it used to be a tradition to watch these together.

6. You like and reply to all her Facebook statuses and Instagram photos.
You’re her #1 fan.

7. You always put the hashtag #TBT and #FBF.
Every. Week. Again.

8. You keep a list of everything you have to tell her.
But when you finally talk to her you forget everything and just talk about boring stuff. That’s okay!

9. You’re stalking her with selfies.
Throughout the entire day.

10. You have to socialise with friends you barely speak.
Yes, they are nice. But you know you could have so much more fun with your best friend 10000 miles away.

11. You’re quite jealous when you see pictures of her with other friends on her timeline.

12. You find it difficult to make decisions without asking her first
Should I wear jeans or a skirt today?

13. You make hundreds of plans when you’re together again.
#53 Tapas restaurant with the handsome waiter, #92 Watch Gossip Girl, #134 Going out on Saturday #170 Shopping till you drop.

14. You have an app that counts down the remaining time until you see each other.
Only 272 days, 3 hours and 44 minutes.

15. It’s strange but you even talk about the weather with her.
It’s raining here and it’s sunny over there has suddenly become an interesting topic.

16. You believe in the phrase “Distance makes the friendship grow stronger.”