18 Things You Recognise If You’re Always Hungry

Everyone knows someone who’s always hungry, or maybe you are the person. Here are the 19 things you recognise if you’re always hungry. *Starving*

1. If you wake up in the morning, you immediately think about food

2. And you already dreaming morning about supper in the morning …

3. You also get hungry when you hear someone talk about food …

4. Just like every time you smell food

5. You do always have something to eat

6. And you never say no when someone asks if you want to eat something

7. You think of every imaginable excuse to eat

8. When you go shopping, you even eat at the store

9. But you favorite activity is still going to the restaurant

10. You find it terrible if you have to wait for your food …

11. And no one can steal food from your plate

12. Only you can do that

13. You always order the extra large

14. And yes, your plate is always empty

15. You always have a desert

16. Your friends and family are a bit concerned about your eating habits …

17. But you can’t help it: you just love food

18. And, in the meantime while reading this you get hungry