18 Things To Make Yourself Feel Good, Right Now

Sometimes we get a little down and it’s hard to break out of that funk. Maybe you had a fight with your BFF or your boyfriend said something annoying or it’s just one of those days. There are plenty of ways to get out of a bad mood and feel good right away. Here are 18 things to do so you can start feeling good right now!

1. Turn up the music and sing your heart out! Music is good for the soul and it will cheer you up instantly.

2. Pull out the laptop and go shopping! Nothing feels better than some retail therapy.

3. Take a nice bubble bath with candles lit and a glass of wine.

4. Watch a comedy to take your mind off of things and laugh. Laughter can change your mood in an instant.

5. Call your mom or someone that you know can cheer you up just by listening to their voice.

6. Start dancing, yes, right there wherever you are standing. It will feel good.

7. Take a walk or do some cardio. Exercise will boost your endorphins, which is the feel good chemical.

8. Eat your favorite junk food, you know it makes you happy.

9. Write it all out in your journal. Writing can be very cathartic and will help release some negative thoughts or feelings you might have.

10. Hug or kiss someone. When you do this, you release the hormone called oxytocin which is the love chemical.

11. Smile and smile big! The fake it ‘til you make it attitude has shown to have profound effects.

12. Pamper yourself. Get a mani or pedi or stay in and give yourself an at home facial.

13. Let it all out. Sometimes, you may just need to cry and you might feel a little better afterwards.

14. Read an uplifting story. Getting involved in a story will help you take your mind off of any negative feelings.

15. Take a nap. When you wake up after some nice dreams, your mood might be lifted.

16. Plan your next vacation. Nothing feels better than figuring out where you will take your next trip.

17. Go for a drive, sometimes a change of scenery will dramatically change your perspective.

18. Get dressed up and put on some makeup, studies have found that if you look good, you feel good.